Guangzhou Lisheng Stage Lighting Equipment Factory

Lisheng Lighting is a professional stage lamp manufacturer, and to undertake all kinds of bars, theaters, KTV, private room lighting project, Lisheng lighting set up more than 10 years, is your best choice!

Company Culture:
Thanksgiving, integrity is our corporate culture. High-quality, heavy reputation, punctuality is our business, and hope that with your common development!

Products and Services:
Moving head beam light, outdoor searchlight, air rose light, follow spot light, LED outdoor city lights, LED par lamps, LED outdoor lights, LED wall washer, Strobe lights, laser lights, hoods, stage consumables and so on. Products in terms of appearance or quality are leading peer other products.

Xinhuihuang Hotel, Manager Li
      Lisheng stage lighting is a very strong team, with high quality customer service, their customer service staff is very dedicated, and I often contact their related products and strength to meet my needs.
Dileyue KTV, Manager Chen
      Our project plan is more complex, Lifan stage lighting quickly provide us with KTV lighting solutions, and from our business point of view, for us to provide a lot of helpful advice.
Night Sex Bar, Manager Huang
      Our company and Lisheng lighting company for the first time, they for our company's bar lights to provide upgrading services, the service is very professional, to meet our requirements, compared to our previous partners, Lisheng stage lighting professional , Very commendable.
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